A father, a son, and a dream.

In 2016 my friends and I drove by Iroquois Park in Louisville, Kentucky and decided we should go try a round of disc golf. I ordered an Innova starter pack from Amazon and we played that following weekend. I didn’t know it at the time, but that round would change my life.

I very quickly became fully addicted by the following Spring, and I brought my Father along to play with me that summer. He still had an old Innova starter set from the late 80’s in his garage and we went to the local course and had a blast. We’ve always been very competitive and love sports in general, but something about this was different. My Dad and I had been playing ball golf for years every single week, and we loved it, but we both realized in the few months we started playing together that we had found our new sport.

After about a year or two we both started to notice our backpacks were falling apart, and lacked many features we thought should be standard. My Dad had been in the custom case design/manufacturing business for over 30 years building bags for Fortune 100 companies like Harley Davidson, Fluke, Microsoft, and countless clients in the tech and medical industries. He has extensive knowledge on design and manufacturing processes, and already had been working with a manufacturing facility for decades to produce hundreds of thousands of products for his existing business. At the time, I was running the marketing department for his company, but had always wanted to build a brand. It was something that I had dreamed of since graduating college. At the end of the day, building a brand from the ground up is every marketer’s dream.

In 2019, my bag strap broke in half in the middle of a round. I looked at my Dad in frustration and said “We gotta build a better backpack.” At the time I wasn’t very serious, but as the months passed, we started talking about it more and more. It morphed from a silly idea into a dream that year. But we lacked one major piece: the time to tackle such an ambitious undertaking. Then, in 2020, Covid shut the world down and suddenly we had a ton of free time. Instead of wasting it, we decided to pursue this crazy idea of building the perfect disc golf bag. After more than 18 months of planning, prototyping, testing, long nights, and tough decisions, Squatch was born at the MVP Open in 2021 when we unveiled The Legend to the world. My brother, Caden, joined in to run our fulfillment center, and our little dream was now a thriving family business.

Squatch is comprised of a father and two sons that LOVE disc golf. We’re passionate about listening to our customers, providing unparalleled service, and constantly improving our products until they are perfect. We stand behind our products 100% because we’ve poured everything we have into them. 

Our bags are designed to cater to disc golfers of all skill levels, from the casual weekend players to the touring professional. We only use premium materials to construct our backpacks with, whether it’s our insanely durable 1000 Denier Cordura nylon, or our buttery smooth, water resistant YKK zippers. We’re so confident in the quality of our craftmanship that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our disc golf bags. 


Sean Gutermuth

  • Co-founder & CMO
  • PDGA# 112229
  • Favorite Disc: Berg
  • Favorite Course: Maple Hill
  • Favorite Shot: Right hand forehand

Tony Gutermuth

  • Co-founder & CEO
  • PDGA# 143061
  • Favorite Disc: Sexybird
  • Favorite Course: Maple Hill
  • Favorite Shot: Turnover backhand 

Caden Gutermuth

  • Operations Manager
  • Favorite Disc: Condor
  • Favorite Course: Squatch Woods
  • Favorite Shot: Dead straight backhand


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